Williams Wone  

5 months! (wearing the onesie used to tell Daddy we were expecting!)

2 months

3 months old

4 months!

it's so hard to believe it.. but our lil  Brea-bear is 1 month old!! It has been such a joy having her and watching her grow! She already has so much personality! We love her so much!

newborn picture

newborn picture

Sheeee's heeeeree!!!! Breana Lové Williams was born August 9, 6 lbs, 11 oz, and was 19 inches long.

39 weeks!! this is it!! (I was induced the next morning)

38 weeks!! one more week!

last face picture of our princess before we saw her face to face (36.5 weeks)

36 weeks

35 weeks pregnant! almost there! one more month!

Brea's 34 week 3D ultrasound picture. her eyes are open in the picture

34 weeks - feeling HUGE!!

33 weeks - Breana, in 3D. if you look closely, you can see a lil smirk on her face :) and once again, Daddy's nose!

32 weeks, 5 days - surprise ultrasound at OB

32 weeks, 3 days - baby shower (in GA) day!

32 weeks, 1 day - Miss Breana is 3 lbs, 12 oz and her heart rate was 151

31 weeks! 

30 weeks! definitely starting to look and FEEL pregnant! less than 10 weeks to go!

29 weeks, 1 day

27 weeks, 6 days

25 weeks

24 weeks - Breana is VIABLE!!

22 weeks! 2 weeks until viability!

17weeks, 6 days - anatomy scan proves Breana is definitely a girl! ;) and, she has daddy's nose!

18 weeks!

16 weeks - starting to sport a bump!

(image from 13wk,5d check up) Surprise! We found out a whole month earlier than expected... 

we are expecting A BABY GIRL!!!!

Her name will be Breana (Bree-on-uh)

Baby Williams  is 13 weeks, 5 days, (s)he measures 7cm and his/her heartbeat is 144bpm. we'll find out the gender (hopefully) on march 14!

Baby Williams at 11weeks. (s)he looked right at me and stuck their arm up ... "HI MOM!"

9 weeks, 5 days. Baby Williams measures just over 2.6cm (1 inch). head is on the left, and feet are on the right. looks like (s)he is kicking the tech said!

Baby Williams at 7 weeks, 1 day. Due date is 8/14/14, heart rate was 138BPM, and (s)he measures 1.7cm.

We found out we were expecting on December 14, 2013. I had been having some "symptoms" for a couple of days (wanting cupcakes at 7am while I cried hysterically for no reason) and I thought I would take a pregnancy test just to make sure. Sure enough, I was pregnant! A second test and blood work confirmed it, and I told Daddy-to-be that evening... okay, he guessed it when I sat a blue bag down in front of him and began to cry again. Inside the bag was the "S is for super just like Daddy" onesie and the blood work confirmation that we were indeed - pregnant!